SUPPORTMATE NDIS Care Management Software

Supportmate NDIS Care Management Software is created for NDIS Providers (registered/unregistered) providing NDIS support services.

This software provides functions for businesses to effectively manage Staff Documentation, Client Documentation, manage roster for the services, manage Timesheets, Create Invoices for claiming from NDIS. Being a cloud-based software solution our software can be accessed anytime anywhere through any device with access to the Internet.

Supportmate provides our client's ability to manage everything from Staff intake, onboarding, compliance documentation checks, scheduling rosters, managing leaves, progress notes, incident reporting, Timesheet, and Invoice management.

Businesses using Supportmate can reduce time and efforts spent on managing admin activities by 90% by automating and digitalizing various functions through Supportmate.

Key Features

Easy Scheduling

You can create real-time service appointments from the office which will be notified to the staff and participants on their mobile app. Staff can accept or reject the shift appointments and they will also learn about shift instructions through their mobile application.

Cloud Solution

Our Software is hosted on Cloud so you do not have to go through the trouble of having it installed on all your office laptops or computers. Once your staff is signed up they will be able to access the software through a mobile browser, Laptop or iPad. This gives you the flexibility to manage your staff shifts wherever you are.

Staff Mobile Application

Our mobile application can be installed on any Android or Apple device. Staff will be able to get details of service appointments real-time, access shift instructions, care plan, submit progress notes and Incidents for the shifts.

Participant Mobile Application

Your clients will no longer have to call you to enquire about the next service schedule or fund balance. Participants can install our mobile application on their Android or Apple services and can get the details of their next service appointments, check fund balances in real-time and provide feedback on a real-time basis.

Timesheet Management

Using Supportmate you will be able to check and approve Timesheets for your Care and Non-Care staff and export the details to be imported to leading accounting software. We currently integrate with XERO and MYOB accountright.


Supportmate allows you to generate customized invoices for all your shifts with NDIS price guide line item details. You can export Invoices from Supportmate and import them on the NDIS portal or XERO and MYOB accountright. You can make use of the bulk upload feature to upload invoices for all your participants in one single file saving you heaps of time.

Client Management

You can manage the client's NDIS Plan, goals, feedback, funds, incidents through the software. Helping you manage NDIS compliance requirements. You will be able to quickly schedule services for clients and will also be able to link it to their Care plans.

Staff Management

You can manage the staff documentation, Staff Compliance checks, manage leaves, assign rosters on a real-time basis, receive progress notes and manage Incident reports.


You can choose your payment frequency based on your needs from a monthly package or an annual package.
Cancel or upgrade plans anytime.
** minimum 5 users (Only active Staff)

We don't have any additional charges for Support, Setup, or Change of Plan.

To discuss your requirements and to enquire about our pricing please send us an email at: support @

Pricing includes:

  • Web application access for Administrators, Office staff, HR, Care staff, and Support Coordinators.
  • Mobile Application for Carers
  • Mobile Application for Participants

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